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Retaining Walls for your arena, stable or equine facility


Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are made simple and efficient through Australian Horse Arenas with many years experience in the design and implementation catering to all your needs for retaining walls.

We specialise in all types of retaining walls from boulder rock to hand laid detail sandstone, timber or masonry walls. We can also incorporate water tanks with your walls.

There are many retaining solutions with various options. Retaining walls can be both a feature and practical asset to your arena and equestrian property. Whether used to create room, reduce erosion or land slip, or just a feature, we offer many wall options.

Landscaping your arena surrounds, stable area or driveway can add both value, appeal and functionality to your equestrian property. Incorporated into the design of your rural property, landscaping can be used to hide water tanks, make features from water storing dams, wind breaks that double as screens from neighbouring properties.


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Retaining Walls

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