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Arena Maintenance - Proudly brought to you by Australian Horse Arenas who specialise in all aspects of Arena Maintenance


Horse Arena Maintenance Services

Horse Arena Maintenance is made simple and efficient through Australian Horse Arenas with many years experience in the conservation and maintenance of your horse arena.

An arena is like anything you purchase, it needs consistant maintenance to maintain top performance. All arenas will differ with maintenance schedules depending on use and weather.

Regular maintenance of your arena will help avoid problems such as drainage and exposure of the arenas base. At Australian Horse Arenas we offer our scheduled, or on call, maintenance service including set up and advice on how you can maintain your own arena.

Maintenance for your horse arena can differ from one arena to the next, depending on surface type etc. It could include a top up of surface or just a general tidy up and level, which can all be provided through our horse arena maintenance services.

At Australian Horse Arenas we pride ourselves on a quality, but cost effective, service for all your arena maintenance work specialising in Australian horse arena maintenance services.

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