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Arena Restoration - Proudly brought to you by Australian Horse Arenas who specialise in all aspects of Arena Restoration


Arena Restoration Services

Arena Restoration is made simple and efficient through Australian Horse Arenas with many years experience in the design and implementation for all your needs with arena restoration.

There may be one or more reasons as to why your arena is failing. Some of the problems that we have seen and rectified include;

  • Inadequate Arena Drainage
  • Inappropriate Arena Construction Materials
  • Poor Arena Construction Work

Sometimes restoration may require a full reconstruction, or perhaps, just some attention to certain aspects of the arena or surrounds. Or maybe you just want to freshen up your existing arena with a new surface.

At Australian Horse Arenas we pride ourselves on a quality, but cost effective, service for all your arena restoration work specialising in Australian horse arena restoration services.

Arena Restorations are provided by Australian Horse Arenas
Restoration of Horse Arenas for Australia are our specialty

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Australian Horse Arenas - Your Specialists in Horse Arena Construction, Horse Arena Restoration and Horse Arena Maintenance all your Horse Arena Services for Australia.