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Australian Horse Arenas Uses Soiltex Surfaces

Australian Horse Arenas have aligned themselves with Capricorn Soiltex Surfaces which provide an environmentally friendly product that helps towards better stability and cushioning of your arena. Soiltex is reknown for its durability and longevity and provides you with a safer arena surface.

Submitted: 08/08/10


Horse Rescue Australia

Here at HRA we are committed to the education of the public on the correct and responsible care of horses and ponies in order to reduce the occurrence of cruelty. Often horses become neglected not by outright cruelty but simply be the ignorance of their owners.

Too often do people purchase horses just to "keep the grass" down without thinking about the fact that the grass will soon be gone. Quite often horses are placed in a paddock with loads of grass and some water and then simply forgotten about. The grass is eaten, the water dries up and soon there are problems. If these owners only knew about the actual needs of horses this might not have happened. Also unfortunately a lot of parents give into their children's wishes for a pony without putting enough thought or planning into it. Looking after a horse is a major commitment to your life - think of it like having another child. A lot of times children lose interest, and it's the parents who end up looking after the horse/s.

That is why HRA is committed to helping people understand the needs that horses have, and explaining to first time horse owners just what is actually involved in owning a horse - the actual purchase is the easiest and cheapest part!

Horse Rescue Australia

Submitted: 10/12/09


The Evolution of Horse Shoeing

Some of the earliest forms of shoeing have been traced back to Roman times; these were
known as Hippo-sandals. Depending upon how available metal was in each part of the empire
had a direct impact on the design of the shoe. The entire foot was covered, meaning total foot support. Another reason for this could also have been protection from caltrops, which would be thrown out by the infantry to stop Calvary. Caltrops are made of iron and no matter how they land always have a spike pointing upwards, were fast to deploy and would inflict a lot of damage to the horse if it was unfortunate enough to stand on one. It is worth noting that some of the sandals designs actually let the horse trim its own toe as the horse walked forwards! Just a bit of leather to tie the sandal on and away you go, pretty advanced for 2000 years ago.

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Submitted: 23/09/09

Riding Your Horse

Farriers come from all walks of life and have varying interests and backgrounds. Here we will not only show the old photos that show our history, we will also show some photos of our members engaged in the activities of their leisure time to show that there is more to your farrier than meets the eye.

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Submitted: 17/08/09


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